Sunday, 23 January 2011

Tiz Designs: Where it all began...

I've always had a love of cherry blossom and my partner lived on the next street to a beautiful cherry blossom lined avenue. Every year we used to walk hand in hand through the pink confetti, kicking it up and taking photos of the trees. My first foray into ebay was when he put some money into paypal for me and told me to have fun. I stumbled upon some beautiful beads which reminded me of my beloved cherry blossom, so I bought them, not really knowing what I was going to do with them. As I searched further an idea came to mind. I found some complementary components and a design for some cherry blossom jewellery was born in my imagination! 

I had dabbled with making some safety pin bracelets and the odd pair of earrings in the past, but never really seriously considered making jewellery. Anyway the beads arrived, the cherry blossom set was created, and then my partner came upon an advert for craftmakers wanted at Saddleworth Crafts Co-operative (the first craft co-operative ever in the UK, est 1979 & local to me). I hurriedly made a few other pieces and presented my work to them for consideration. I was accepted as a member (that was in 2006) and I haven't looked back since!

Of course my skills have improved considerably since then. I have taught myself many new techniques, through research, but mostly through trial and error. I have become much more advanced and adventurous in my designs and become very well known as the jeweller at the craft shop.

And the best of all, I now live with my partner and so our Annual Cherry Blossom Pilgrimage is only a street away! That really is the icing on my cake!



  1. Wow, your new blog looks fab. Can't wait to see this years blossoms but spring seems so far away. My own poor blog is sadly very neglected!

  2. Thanks Michelle. Been trying to find time to do this for ages. Hope I can keep it up!