Saturday, 28 May 2011

Always The Bridesmaid...

Been busy lately knitting baby clothes for the imminent arrival of my nephew.

But now with Summer upon us (although looking out of the window, perhaps no-one's told the weather that!), it's time to revert to my favourite pastime: making bridal jewellery.
I don't know what the attraction is for me, maybe it's all the pretty sparkly crystals, but I really do love making wedding jewellery and in particular tiaras. Anyway I've definitely got the bug again.
I like to incorporate vintage pearls in my tiaras for the "something old", but recently I came across an idea in a magazine that incorporated a vintage brooch. Needless to say that set my imagination racing, so I have made two brooch tiaras. The gold one includes a vintage brooch, the silver one includes a new brooch made for the British Heart Foundation Charity to help them raise funds, which I bought from one of their shops in aid of a worthy cause.



Although I love the traditional bridal colours, I know not everyone wants to marry in ivory or white. So I have made an alternative, more goth version in black and purple colours.


I have a head full of design ideas and I've definitely got more coming soon. Yesterday I actually bought "Asian Bride" magazine as I love the whole Bollywood thing and a quick glance at it was enough to tell me it was full of inspiration. The Partner Who Is Not My Husband thought I was nuts, but he's used to my moments of madness by now, so kept his opinions to himself. I can feel a Bollywood inspired tiara coming on though!


I guess my blog title is a little inaccurate, in truth I've only ever been a bridesmaid twice. The first time was for my Dad's sister and I was only 2! The second time was for my Mum's sister and I was 12. So not only have I never had the chance to wear a wedding dress but I've never really worn a proper bridesmaids dress either. Way back then, everything was handmade and in all honesty not very pretty or girly. Don't get me wrong, I'm really not a girly girl at all. I was a tomboy as a child, and I still live in my jeans. I only bought my first dress last year! But still there is something very appealing about a long flowing ivory dress, embellished with pearls, crystals, embroidery, lace etc.

So I make all these tiaras and chokers, necklaces and earrings and I watch the faces of the excited brides-to-be who buy them, and I muse to myself about what it must be like to wear them. Every new tiara I make I show to The Partner Who Is Not My Husband, ostensibly because I value his opinion and he is my first point of feedback for all my new designs, but secretly I am hoping that seeing me with a tiara on my head may stir some primeval urge within him! I am guessing it's not working, because although he always says how lovely they are, I am still waiting!

In the meantime I will continue to create my little beauties and muse over whether I'll ever get to wear one of my creations. Because I DO love making them! (And that folks is probably the only chance I'll have to say "I DO"!)